Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dawn Treader in 3D?

apparently Fox films wants to bump up their 3D movies. with Avatar and Ice Age this year. They plan to make 3 into 3D next year.

And since Dawn Treader is going to be a big movie. We might just get a 3D adventure!

Look here for all the details


  1. Oh yay! I think I heard something about Voyage of the Dawn Treader possibly being in 3D. . . which is great because our cinema here in town (which is currently being renovated/rebuilt) is going to be made 3D!

    BTW - WELCOME CHARLOTTE!!! :-D It's great to have you here. :-)

  2. I love Narnia
    I will follow you,
    so I will certaintly miss nothing ever about Narnia!!!
    GR. from holland, Anna